Lead By Example

Leading by example is an excellent vehicle for demonstrating that certain undesirable, or even dangerous, tasks are of utmost importance. A basic tactic for inspiring others is to trigger thoughts related to strongly held (or key) values. Appealing to strong values is important because it leads to a commitment to the task from group members. These key values in a cinema environment include being the best, outperforming the competition, maintaining loyalty to the company, enhancing one's status, and being a good corporate citizen.

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Films Done Professionally

What constitutes “professional behavior” varies widely from company to company. If you want to teach others the meaning of professional behavior in cinema, you must first define it for yourself. A useful interpretation of acting professionally is to behave with dignity, emotional maturity, and in such a way that people trust your judgment. If you expect group members to act professionally around customers and visitors, you should act professionally around the same groups. Equally important, you should also act professionally around the people who work for you. Create a good impression by expressing positive attitudes about the company, your job, customers, and the company's goods and services. If you are pessimistic, your negative attitudes are soon reflected by members of the work group.

Inspiration in Cinema

To be a leader, one must inspire others to accomplish worthwhile goals. A natural method is the inspirational appeal, or influencing another person to act in a particular way by triggering a strong emotional response. The starting point in making an inspirational appeal is to identify what you want people to do or feel. Then you choose the words, phrases, and ideas that fit your goal. The vision a leader formulates should inspire others. Each time you attempt an inspirational appeal, sprinkle your talk with high-impact words and phrases. Consult a thesaurus to enlarge your repertoire of high-impact words. You want workers in your unit to be more safety-conscious.