Way of influencing people is closely tied in with charisma and inspirational appeal. A personally magnetic individual literally draws other people to him or her with charm and charismatic-like qualities. The people who are drawn to the magnetic individual are likely to be influenced by him or her. Personal magnetism also refers to a collection of personality traits that can be developed along the same lines as charisma. When you consult with another person, avoid making it appear that you (the influence agent) have already made up your mind. Otherwise, you appear patronizing. Offering to exchange favors if another person helps you is another standard influence tactic. By making an exchange, you strike a bargain with the other party. The exchange often translates into willingness to reciprocate at a later date. The exchange might also include promising a share of the benefits if the other person helps you accomplish a task.

Emotions in Cinema

Part of inspiring people in cinema is making tactical use of emotional displays. By showing your emotions and feelings for effect, you are using them in a tactical, planned manner. The emotions a leader in cinema displays for effect can be negative or positive. Table-thumping works because it shows people you are serious and triggers an emotional response in them. Outbursts of positive emotion are also helpful in triggering an emotional response from group members. Cheering wildly, laughing suddenly, or crying with joy can all boost leadership effectiveness. Consulting with others before making a decision is a simple but effective influence tactic. The influence target becomes more motivated to follow your request because he or she is involved in the decision-making process. Consultation is most effective as an influence tactic when the objectives of the person being influenced match those of the leader.

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Factors in Cinema

Be selective. Save emotional displays for rare occasions. Otherwise, you appear to be emotionally volatile and perhaps unfit for your leadership role.

Be explicit. Explain your feelings. Make statements such as, I'm so disappointed that we missed our target again, or I feel incredibly good that we produced 30 percent beyond what anybody imagined we could.

Be real. Concentrate so that your nervous system matches your emotion. For example, if your eyes widen and blood rushes to your skin when you are screaming, you are more effective than if you don't experience anger inside.

Be ready. Practice showing positive and negative emotion even when you don't feel that way inside. An inspirational leader can flip the toggle switch for emotional displays as needed. Keep clearly in mind that making effective use of emotion is necessary to function as an inspiring leader. This is true because inspiration does not take place without emotion.