Customer Service

Good customer service is the watchword of business success. If your work involves customer contact, dedicate yourself to following through on commitments. Answer inquiries and complaints cheerfully. Avoid the temptation to mock the thorniest customers. Your high regard for the welfare of customers will be noticed by group members.

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Cinema Policy

Most cinema organizations have policies covering various aspects of employee behavior, such as absenteeism, tardiness, and honesty. Communicating these policies clearly and abiding by them yourself is effective leadership. Cinema managers who grumble about policies and procedures encourage rule-bending by others. Avoid ignoring certain rules that you find inconvenient, such as prohibitions against hiring relatives into your department. If you disagree with certain policies, combat them by discussing your concerns with top management. It's shabby leadership to use group members as a sounding board for your dissatisfactions.

Work Habits in Cinema

Demonstrate sparkling work habits in Cinema. Group members will often look to you to set the pace in terms of intensity, hours on the job, and number of rest breaks. If you, as the leader, treat time as a precious resource, the workers in your area will likely intensify the pace of their work. Hours on the job also have an impact. A leader who appears to be out of the office too frequently for non work reasons may soon find that staffers are shortening their work weeks.